Birch plywood of grade FK State Standard 3916.1-96
General information. Birch plywood of general-purpose with exterior layers of hardwood veneer has high physical-mechanical properties of birch in combination with multilayer structure, which ensures the exceptional strength of plywood. This property is highly valued in many productions where strength of material is of the utmost importance.

This material also has such important properties as warm tone colors and beautiful texture of birch plywood, which together with excellent quality of surface is decisive for the choice of this material for production of furniture, for interior and exterior decoration.
As for water resistance level of glued connection, the plywood of grade FK is the water-resistant and high strength plywood.

Sort of plywood is designated by the combination of veneer sorts of the front and reverse layers: (sort of front layer / sort of reverse layer), for example, I/I, I/II, II/II, II/III, II/IV, III/III, III/IV, IV/IV 
Produced sorts: I/II; II/II; II/III; II/IV; III/IV; IV/IV

Sizes of birch plywood of grade FK: 1525х1525 mm, 1475х1525 mm, 1425х1525 mm.

Thickness of sheets: 4; 6; 8; 9; 10; 12; 15; 18; 21 mm.

Glue - on the basis of carbamide-formaldehyde resin of grade KF-0
Ultimate strength by splitting along the glue film of the plywood after soaking in water for 24 hours – 1.5 MPa  
Content of free formaldehyde conforms to the international emission class E-1
Application. High strength and high performance qualities ensure the broad use of the plywood as a finishing material in machine building, construction, production of furniture and tare, and in other branches of industry.
An example of reference designation of plywood of grade FK with front and reverse layers of birch veneer of sorts I/II, emission class E1, with two sanded sides, with length of 1525 mm, width of 1525 mm, thickness of 9 mm: Plywood, birch, FK, I/II, Е1, S2S, 1525х1525х9mm,  State Standard(GOST) 3916.1-96