Bent glued blanks (latoflexes)
General information. Bent glued furniture blanks (latoflexes) are components with a bow-shaped profile, which are intended for assembly of sleeping furniture.
The Open JSC Nelidovskiy DOK produces bent glued furniture blanks (latoflexes) in compliance with the requirements of State Standard 21178-2006 with the following sizes according to customers orders:
thickness from 7.5 to 12 mm
width from 37 to 68 mm
length from 480 to 980 mm
Bent glued blanks are produced in two variants:
with a protective glue-coating
with front face coated by decorative film of various colors and color tones
For production of blanks the birch peeled veneer is used
Glue on the basis of urea-formaldehyde resin
Ultimate strength by splitting along the glue film in dry form 2 MPa
Content of free formaldehyde conforms to the international emission class E-1
Humidity from 2 to 8 %
Finished parts are sorted in compliance with the requirements of organization standard STO 1- 2010 Furniture parts bed spring.Paletted part piles are packed by stretch film and tied up by a polyethylene-terephthalate band.

An example of reference designation:
Glued arched blanks for a flexible bed base, 1, 830 * 37* 7.5 State Standard (GOST) 21178-2006