The date of creation of the Open JSC Nelidovskiy DOK is considered to be the year 1907 when the first production unit, two-frame sawmill of factory owner L. A. Andresen, was built and put into operation, it was located adjacent to the territory of the today's plant. In the course of its work the sawmill was transformed to a sawing factory.
Over the past years the factory underwent many changes, its product line was expanded and it was subordinated to the various people's commissariats and Ministries.
During the Great Patriotic war (1941-1945) the factory was almost completely destroyed.

In 1943 the factory was being rebuilt as an integrated house-building factory having a complete cycle of all production processes of wood working, it was based on the raw material base of the Nelidovskiy and Belskiy districts.

That was integration of lumbering, wood processing, and plywood production under the single administration.
The next period in development of the Open JSC Nelidovskiy DOK was the putting into operation of its own thermoelectric power station, later of a shop of wood-fiber boards (WFB) production and variousauxiliary productions.

At present the Open JSC Nelidovskiy DOK includes the following complex of productions:
production of plywood;
production of wood-fiber boards (hard WFB);
production of bent glued furniture workpieces (latoflexes);
generation of thermoelectric power on the basis of biofuel use and rendering services to domestic and social consumers.
The Open JSC Nelidovskiy DOK develops through modernization of existing manufacturing processes, organization of new productions, optimization of product range, improvement of work organization and increase in labor productivity.
In the main production shops is situated and works the manufacturing equipment which is produced by such world leaders as: RAUTE (Finland), HASHIMOTO DENKICO LTD (Japan), KREMONA (Italy), VALENTI (Italy) etc.
At present the plant incorporates the following work units:
warehouse of raw material
shop of plywood
shop of wood-fiber boards
warehouse of finished product
thermoelectric power station
energy machines shop
service of energy generation
transportation department
central tool stock
medical station with physiotherapeutic room
section for production of bent glued furniture blanks (latoflexes)